An Ancient Aggravation

I just had to laugh!  Jamin and I were reading to our children the story of Samson the other day.  We started at the beginning of his story in Judges 13 where an angel appears to the barren wife of Manoah to tell her that she is going to have a son.  When Manoah’s wife relays the incident to her husband she tells him all about the angel and what he said to her, but she adds “I didn’t ask him where he came from, and he did not say his name.”  The following verse we see Manoah praying and asking God to send the messenger back because his wife forgot to ask the important information like “how do we raise this child” and “by the way, what is your name?”  You can read the entire story in Judges 13.

I laughed as I read because Manoah shares the same frustration my husband has.  Inevitably I will finish a phone call with a good friend where we will have spent hours talking about feelings, family, life and situations and I will hang up only to have my husband ask me a thousand questions about my friend or her husband that I have no answers for.  Questions like,  “are they going hunting again this year?  How do they like their new engine on their boat?  Is her husband still considering that job in Kentucky?” Etc….  I look at my husband like a lost puppy and respond,  “I don’t know.  I didn’t ask!”  This usually brings on the question,  “You mean you just talked to your friend for hours and didn’t even cover any of those subjects?”

Men and women are so different.  Not that this blog needs to point that out, but I found a bit of comfort knowing that this menace of deficient information has been plaguing husbands for thousands of years.  Manoah’s wife took in all the information she could process at the time and needed no more.  Manoah on the other hand prayed to bring the man back to get the rest of the story.  That’s how it so often happens in our home.  After I hang up, Jamin redials the number to speak to the husband about all the things guys talk about.

So take heart men.  Your Father’s in the Faith have been where you are and felt your frustration!  God even accommodated for some of their needs by sending the messengers back.  Sometimes you just have to pick up the phone, redial the number, and find out for yourself!

2 thoughts on “An Ancient Aggravation

  1. Haha! Yes, and it flows both ways! We do talk about different things and we communicate if different ways, and we each have individually different interests that prompt the direction of conversations. What does that mean? We must communicate and never assume!! Even after years of relationship, spouse or friend, assumptions and speculation lead to the land of “no clue”. haha!

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