Ummm….What was the Assignment?

I envision the role of a worship leader similar to Abraham’s servant in Genesis 24 who was commissioned by his master to find and prepare a bride for his son Isaac.   Abraham bestowed gifts on the servant in order that the servant would lavish them on the bride-to-be.  Abraham entrusted him with the task of finding her, giving her gifts, and securing her heart for Isaac.

I’m sure the servant looked rather decked-out and wealthy as he traveled into town with Abraham’s many camels.  He himself may have even looked attractive with his determined demeanor.  Maybe the servant himself was a single man who hadn’t married and needed a wife as well.  I don’t know.

Several things you don’t see in this servant is a desire to flirt with the bride-to-be.  He doesn’t flatter her with stories about himself, or spread his fame using the position he has been given.  The servant simply tells the bride about the groom.

I am sure that the servant spent all of the camel ride home with Rebekah telling her about Isaac.  How Isaac worked with his hands, and what he looked like, things he liked…anything to draw the bride closer to the man she was about to marry.  The conversations were about the groom.

I’m challenged to remain the servant who secures the bride.  Yes, I want attention too.  I want to feel important, and feel like my accomplishments mean something to others.  I want the bride to respect and love me too, but it is not my place to toy with her affections and draw her away from her groom.  My job is to speak of the Groom.  Tell the bride-to-be of His many qualities.  Of His unending love and unfailing mercy.  I am to put her eyes on Him when they begin to rest on me.

When I am barraged by Christian artists with requests to vote on their songs, download their albums in order to out-do another artist, or somehow move their song or video up one chart or another I get frustrated.  Some– not all of these people resemble Abraham’s servant only with a rewritten story.  They are bestowed many many gifts.  They have an assignment that they meet with determination, but somewhere along the journey they begin to flaunt the gifts as an extension of their own personality and life.  The conversations around the watering hole are more about their accomplishments, albums, music videos, promotions, and less and less about the groom they were securing a bride for.

I see the church as a young lady enamored by the attention, thankful for the servant, blown away by the gifts and struggling with her feelings for the groom she has never met, because the servant, whom she has met has filled up all the airspace.  The servant is now the idol, the prize, the source of the gifts.  The groom is that mysterious someone…somewhere…out there…

I see it, and I don’t like it.

What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Ummm….What was the Assignment?

  1. Wow, Cate, You nailed that one! Why is it that we aim to serve, then we get distracted in the world and become less spirit focused and more selfish? God, I repent right now for my selfishness and ask you to renew my heart with a heart to serve. Lord, give me you heart for this world, and strength to stay focused on you! In the Mighty name of Jesus! Amen!

  2. Cate, excellent words! Very much from the grooms heart via your mouth, I think. Reminds us to think more carefully about our choices, our actions. Thank you for sharing, keep it coming!

  3. Great article Cate. The kingdom perspective and why we do what we do has to be reviewed and brought under the Lordship of Christ. It is a difficult place to temper the musician side of a person, and the servant heart. I’m sure all musicians would love their talents and crafts to be valued…..listened to….by lots of people, but we have to die to ourselves to really allow the Holy Spirit to control us and really bring glory to God. I have a great burning in me to create beautiful music….but it must be for His honer, after all He is the giver of the gift! Thanks again Cate.

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