A Spot of Tea?

My shelves are stocked with teas, coffees and other hot drinks. I keep a stash of flavored syrups, creams and sweetener substitutes. The kettle is on the stove top ready to be heated at any moment to share a cup of tea a friend or new acquaintance.
One thing that Jamin and I love to do as a couple and subsequently our family does too, is have guests. Our home is often frequented by friends and new acquaintances. When we are out of town, our home is often made available to others who might be in town and need a place to stay while they are here. I love this!!
This weekend it was graced with fishermen who were taking a small break from the fishing grounds, to get supplies. Last weekend it was some of those needing to come in for a shower and to wash their clothes. Sometimes our home is blessed with extended family members. Other times it is a neighbor or someone we knew back “in the day…” Jamin has an incredible knack for meeting and befriending people everywhere he goes, so I must say that it is to his credit that many of our acquaintances find themselves at home in our house. Sometimes the beds and couches are full and there are rows of people on the floor. Some stay for a few days, others just a few hours.
My favorite part of the day with guests would have to be the mealtimes. Jamin and I love to cook up big meals and often, others will jump in and help prepare parts of the meal. Then we sit together with at the table and share life. We laugh as one shares their dream from last night that contains some adventure and some wild and crazy realities. Another shares their hopes and aspirations of what they will do when the fishing season is over and they have their final paycheck in hand. We share stories of travel, of family, of friends we share, and those we would like to introduce the other to.
No one is mocking the other or berating them at the table. No one is complaining. Everyone is eating, laughing, sharing and enjoying the gift of being together…if even for a few hours.
Sometimes our moments together are filled with prayers for one another. There is never a time of fellowship that isn’t filled with stories, memories, and encouragement. We celebrate each others successes, we grieve each others losses.
I pray that my life will always be lived this way. I hope that my kids find the joy in celebrating life with others. They’ve learned to give up their beds sometimes for others, and Jamin and I try to set that example. I hope that we are always able to provide hospitality to others…if even a cup of tea and a few minutes to just listen.
Nothing fills my cup more….

8 thoughts on “A Spot of Tea?

  1. I see and hear Donna in this. Growing up in a home where no one was allowed over to living with the Morris’ and everyone was welcome was a real change for me. I miss her so much somedays. Thank you for the memory filled with smiles! Blessings on your day Cate…. 🙂

    1. Yes, Jodie….Donna was so good that way. That is where Jamin must get it. It was a new culture to me but one I have come to love!!! I miss Donna too!
      So, know that if ever you are back in Alaska you have a place to stay!!! 😉

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