Morris Family Adventures Part 1

Here we go again….embarking on another Morris Family Adventure. You might call it “Hurricane Season”, or a “Soup Sandwich” at first glance, and for a few days that will probably be an accurate representation. But we have hopes and plans that the hurricane winds will blow us into our destination and the soup sandwich will soon be a refreshing meal to bring contentment to our bodies. If only I had just 18 more sets of hands…..

We start with questions such as “What do we want to do? Where do we want to go? What do we want to accomplish?” and then we begin to re-arrange our lives to accommodate our plans. This is when the hurricane begins.

We have decided to travel for a few months. Although not all those plans are nailed down, we know at least that we must rent out our home in our absence in order to keep paying our mortgage while we are away. We place ads on craigslist offering our home for rent and after a few weeks, with no real bites, we decide to hire a vacation rental booking agency to rent out our home on short-term leases throughout the winter. This kind of agreement allows us to leave our furniture in the house and make our packing up a little less hectic. It adds, however a few more contracts and agreements and the hiring of housekeeping and groundskeeping in our absence.

Packing will require that we sort our things and leave only those things in the home we are okay with sharing. Our beds and bedding, most dishes, linens, and some spices and essentials for preparing meals. We leave our pictures on the wall and pack away our photos. Then, knowing we will return during winter months, our personal belongings must be stored in such a way as to access our winter gear and clothing first when we return.

It’s funny, but when we rent out our home this way, we begin thinking about the things we need to add to our home that guests would appreciate, but we have lived without up until now. Things like cable tv, wi-fi internet, and even a HD flat screen tv for the living room. It will be the perfect retreat when we are finished with all the preparations.

As I consolidate our bills, convert as many of them to an e-bill format, and arrange for a new mailing address, I am reminded that we have not yet filed our 2009 taxes and must finish that before all this paperwork is packed away.

We consider that our travel will most likely take us to places to swim and our youngest children need swim lessons. So those are quickly scheduled and followed up on. Oh, and we need a laptop to handle our bills and correspondence, so we will check out a deal at Best Buy that is a package of a 42″HD tv and laptop computer with a few accessories for $1000.00. Homeschool curriculum needs to be streamlined to DVD’s, MP3’s and as few books as possible. Journals, pens, pencils and some scissors will hopefully cover most of our needs.

This is all step one.

When I get to step two, I will tell you more. For now, if you meet me with a hollow stare and glazed eyes, just know that I am planning to return to the world of the living as soon as these tasks are performed.

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