Still Here

Confession #1:  I don’t think I have shaved my legs since this process began….at least I’ve kept up with shaving my armpits.
What a whirlwind this process has been. Between packing and sorting, there have been serendipitous moments. Like the day we saw the ad in the paper about a place where we could trade in some gold jewelry for cash, and Jamin grabbed up an old chain necklace he had that was broken and irreparable, cashed it in and we paid for a few of the upgrades we made to our home. Then, thanks to Craigslist, we sold many items that we no longer needed, and donated several loads of items to Salvation Army. We cashed in our many jars of loose change, found money in a few obscure places and added that to our travelling fund.
Sorting through our memorabilia, we found letters and cards to one another, pictures the kiddos drew when they first held a crayon, and keepsakes that we have collected even in our three short years here in this home. The love letters that Jamin and I have written each other served a greater purpose as the tensions of packing and moving mounted as we have been pressed against a deadline.
Our first renter comes in four days; from another country with a small family. I think we will make it out in time. Thankfully Jamin postponed his hunting trip by a few days to help complete this process before the kids and I head out. There are just a few things left to do here in the house: get the carpets cleaned, mow the lawn (hopefully the last time before the first frost which is on its way), clean the house, wash all the linens and rugs, and set it up like a nice motel.
Thinking about the fact that my guests will be from another country, I will be writing up a home manual with pictures and instructions to help with all the idiosyncrasies of this house. The gas-assist fireplace, the trash collection times, and a few pages of our favorite places to eat and play. I’ll leave some pages in the book for each guest to add their experiences and favorites too.
I still didn’t get the taxes done, but at least all the paperwork is compiled and contained so that we can tackle that between the time Jamin returns from hunting and the time we hit the road. Most bills are taken care of, but I still need to arrange for someone to check our mail and send it to us at our various destinations.
So, about those destinations, well, they are still in the deciding phase, but two places are for sure on the radar. Idaho to visit my family for a few weeks, and Southern California to take our kids to Disneyland. We hope to make an adventure out of all the road in-between. We will be visiting many of you, our friends and family!
We purchased a trailer to pull behind our vehicle and we have packed it with the things we think we need for our trip. We will begin our journey down the Alcan (Alaskan/Canadian Highway) in a few weeks. It is usually a 3 to five day trip down through Canada with a promised stop at Laird’s Hotsprings where we will hopefully melt away our tired, cramped tensions of travel before we cross the border again into the “Lower 48”.
There is still so much to do and I haven’t been able to think too far ahead. I have needed to check so many things off of my list for phase one that I haven’t had the time to prepare too much for step two…but hopefully after Saturday I will have that chance.
So, I’m checking in with the world for now and many of you will hear more from me in the weeks to come, and who knows…I might just shave my legs! Where did I pack that razor?

2 thoughts on “Still Here

    1. We are enbarking on a traveling adventure but the process of making ourselves “free to travel” very much resembles a hurricane. I blogged about it in the post: “Morris Family Adventures Part 1”. Once I get through this phase I will be posting Part 2 😉
      I am excited to hear about what God is doing in you in this season of life too, Ang! You are in my prayers for sure!!! Love you!

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