Morris Family Adventures Continue

I am sitting at a hotel here in Anchorage.  It is the same hotel we lived in for a few months when we first moved to Anchorage looking for a house.  The kids feel like they are back at “home” and couldn’t wait to wake up early for the continental breakfast and then swim.   It is 46* outside and thick with fog.  The four kids are swimming in the hotel pool and shivering because the water is cold and so is the inside temperature of the pool room.  I am in a sweater  and jeans watching them and feeling comfortable.

We finished last night.  The last of the packing, the loading of the trailer, the mowing of the lawn and the set up of our house.  I am grateful to the cleaning service we hired who sent over three ladies who worked on all the details I could not deal with yesterday.  The house smelled great, looked beautiful, and hopefully inviting for the weary guests who arrived on an early morning flight from New York this morning.

Jamin left a few days ago on a hunting  trip with his dad and a friend, so I am feeling accomplished having completed the task without him, and also sad leaving our home and having my down time without him in a hotel.  I’m feeling a little “homeless” and I am too tired to relax if that is possible.  My mind is so full of the next steps so I didn’t sleep much last night. 

This morning I will go check in on our renters once they are settled in and ready for my visit, then it’s off to Anchor Point–a 200 mile drive south where we will store our things, re-pack and prepare for the road trip.


The drive to  Point was lovely.  The sky was clear once we headed up the mountain passes. The trees are changing colors and the fire weed was blazing red.  It must be porcupine migration season again because I passed at least 17 dead porcupines on the highway.  Poor little fellas! They need their engines recalibrated to be able to cross the highway a little quicker.

We arrived without incident.  I backed the trailer into a spot in my father-in-laws driveway, unloaded the dog and kids and began to offload some of our things we need immediately.  I think I will save the rest of the unloading for Jamin when he gets back. 😉  I found our food and we had a small dinner.  Now the kiddos are tucked into their beds for the night and I am about to do the same.  Maybe tonight I will sleep.

The view from the window

One thought on “Morris Family Adventures Continue

  1. Poor little pricky fellows … sigh.

    I do know what it’s like to be so “busy” you can’t unwind. Hopefully that will change soon. Can’t wait to read all about your adventures … and {hopefully} see your face! 🙂

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