Scaling the Walls of Organization

Confession #2:  I have already contemplated changing my name, and moving to Bermuda.

Jamin called on Monday to let me know he was extending his hunting trip a few more days.  So, channeling my high blood pressure to other things, I turn to the paperwork and business material that needs to be consolidated and dealt with.  There are bills to pay, manuals to read, and information to gather about the various sources and resources we will be using as we travel.  I have dug out some of the kid’s homeschool material so I can keep them somewhat occupied while I work on the computer and make phone calls.  Most of it is still packed away and I can’t get to it yet.

One resource I came across was which provides a service that eliminates or streamlines the types and sources of junk mail, catalogs or coupons you receive in the mail.  It also works for e-mail accounts.  I will be looking into this as I work on arranging how to deal with our mail while we are away.

Sue Carpenter who travels around the world doing children’s ministry gave me some tips on how to handle the mail and the phone when you are out of the country.  She had a phone line put in at her parents’ home with an answering machine attached to it and has all her phone calls forwarded to that line.  Clever!  We will be in the states quite a bit of our travel, so for now we can have our phone calls forwarded to our cell phones, but this is a good idea for future reference.

We have several businesses and much paperwork for each business, so I have several folders set up to collect receipts and carry them in an expandable file box.  I also have a binder with plastic sleeves in it where I place all of the information that has to be dealt with:  phone messages, bills to pay, contracts to fill out, letters to send, cards to mail, and anything else that will need my attention and should not be filed away yet.  I have taken the time to enter all the info on my rolodex to my ipod touch contacts.  I also included carpet cleaners, house cleaners, appliance repair numbers, snow plow services, neighbors, and the contact info for most bills we have to pay.

The last of the homeschool material has been ordered and should arrive before we take off.  Now I will finish up my preparations for the ladies’ retreat coming up where I am guest speaking and leading worship.


Jamin called this morning to say they were on their way out of the woods.  He and his dad both got a moose.  We will have organic meat in the freezer this winter!  He probably won’t be here until tomorrow, but he will take care of some errands in Anchorage for me before he comes to Anchor Point.  That will be a load off!

I realize that I quickly become overwhelmed and stressed when I don’t have a plan.  The hardest part about travelling for me is the organization that is required and the stress of forgetting something important.  I can’t solve it all.  And, I realize that my eyes are on me when I am stressed.  The solution that I have known forever is this:  Worship.  I need to put my eyes on Jesus and take them off of me and off of my “stuff”.  So today I am endeavoring to worship.  I need God to speak to my heart and quiet my mind.

One thought on “Scaling the Walls of Organization

  1. So real. Thank you, Cate girl. Daily life and moments we never get away from, and our God never steps away from them either; our ever present God who concerns himself with the details of our lives…no one is like Him. ~Joy

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