The Honest Truth

This season's meat!

I am the boisterous one of our marriage. I don’t mind standing in front of crowds and speaking or singing to the masses. I love large gatherings and don’t even mind making a fool of myself from time to time. Sometimes I am embarrasingly honest. Because I am often in the public eye, I look like I can handle most anything, but here’s the honest truth:

I am married to one of the most creative, hard-working, steady individuals God ever put together. My husband, Jamin whom God has gifted with an entrepenuerial spirit, endless amounts of energy and drive, and the ability to make several different decisions in an hour is the backbone of our family. You won’t find him on the stage, or speaking to the masses. He will do his best to make himself invisible while building, creating, assembling, or helping someone else. His heart is as big as Alaska and you know it if you are his friend.

If you have ever met my husband, you will soon come to know that he will never forget you. He will keep in touch with you through the years. He will memorize things you said, or needs you have, and will always keep those in mind when he goes about his business. When he finds something that might meet your needs, he will give you a call and tell you about what he has found.

I’ve heard him on phone calls telling friends about airplanes he found for sale that they were looking for. I’ve helped him shop for vehicles, moving equipment, trailers, boats, airline tickets, real estate, hunting gear, digital cameras, software, and many other things people have mentioned needing. He has helped people build, move, repair, travel, haul, and network. He has offered to to babysit other people’s children even though he has a high sensativity to noise and can’t handle much screaming or shrill voices.

And while I am preparing my notes to speak for a ladies retreat this weekend, Jamin is building our enclosed trailer into a small home away from home. He is laying flooring, building countertops, shelves, benches that convert to beds and adding appliances. He designed a table that he will have each of the kids paint a portion of so that it will be their “place” when they sit down to eat.

I wish that I could handle as many things as Jamin does. I wish my mind could contain all of the information that his seems to keep. Once after drinking three cups of strong coffee in a row I thought that maybe my mind was experiencing what it was like to be him. But I can’t seem to keep up that pace. I would end up a heap of frazzled nerves in an assylum somewhere.

I will probably always move slowly from one idea to another and therefore rely on Jamin to make the quick decisions. I will often feel lost and have to ask for directions in the vast mind of my spouse. Although his mind is full of so many things, I am blessed because he is gifted with the abilities to make decisions quickly and soundly, and that no matter what is filling his mind, he always keeps those he loves close in his heart. I am glad that no matter where he travels in the year, he is always anxious and happy to come home to me and our family.

**Footnote: While I am typing this blog, my husband is talking to an eye surgeon in Washington trying to schedule eye surgery. As I am listening to his conversation I hear him promising to bring the surgeon some items from Alaska. Now he is telling them about the best places to see bears and the names of the guides and tour operations that offer them. I am giggling!!!

3 thoughts on “The Honest Truth

  1. I lOVE this… i love how God puts us together with the ones that compliment us so beautiful ( a irritate us to distraction some days) but mostly are amazed at the differences and beauty!! That sentence made no sense… 🙂 oh well.

    Love you and MISS YOU already even though we haven’t yet left!

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