Morris Family Adventures Part 2

Morris Family Adventures Part 2

Day one of the travel out of Alaska

The trailer finally completed,  we packed up our gear and made plans to leave Saturday afternoon, but there was always just “one more” thing to finish up, so our departure time changed to 10:00pm that night.  Both Jamin and I were so wiped out.  He had been working solid on preparing our trailer, and I had been packing and sorting and then left to speak and lead worship for a ladies retreat for two days.  Our hopes of making some tracks Saturday night were interrupted by our exhaustion, so after one hour Jamin stopped to sleep an hour.  Then another 2 ½ hours on the road, we needed to pull over and sleep again.

The kids were so excited to hit the road but fell asleep quickly as the wheels began turning.  I wish I could sleep as comfortably in the seat of a vehicle.  We stretched out for about three hours in our sleeping bags in the trailer we were pulling behind us and I dreamed crazy dreams in those 180 minutes.

I dreamed I was watching a television show about a young man who bought a used sleeping bag at a thrift store and took it camping with a friend.  Sometime in the night, the man fell into a coma and his friend could not wake him.  The plot thickened as it was soon discovered that the man had contracted a communicable disease through the used sleeping bag and his camping partner was next to succumb to the illness.  The whole town was then put under quarantine.

Creativity can find you anywhere.  Melanie at one of our rest stops sang an original tune as she dangled her feet from the toilet.  It went something like this: 

Verse“There once was a lonely piece of toilet paper.  Until there came along another piece of toilet paper.  Then they were so happy,

Chorus  ‘cuz all of their friends are in the toilet, all of their friends are in the toilet.”

 It had a very cheerful melody.

Probably against our better judgment, we brought our dog, Denali on the trip.  Bethany couldn’t bear to part with her for months on end.  She will be living in our trailer for most of our trip I am sure, but for now she is riding in the second row of seats with the girls.  She has already lain down in a mud puddle at one of the gas station stops, and  Bethany had to clean her up so she could get back into the car.   We are 90 miles now from the Canadian border and last rest stop the dog had diarrhea. 

In another seven hours we will have completed our first 24 hours of part 2 of the Morris Adventures.  The weather has been beautifulish….just a few hours of pouring rain.  The autumn colors are lovely and we are glad to be on the road.  There is evidence of winter all along our path.  Some semi-frozen lakes, and the remnants of the first snowfall remain on the ground on the sides of the road.  I am grateful for clear roads and sunshine.


We have crossed into Canada now and are making tracks through the Yukon.  We are currently in Destruction Bay having a bite to eat and then we will drive through the night.

Bethany spotted two faces of gorillas in these mountains across from Kluane Lake in the Yukon Territory.

Can you spot them? 

There are two gorilla faces on these mountains.

2 thoughts on “Morris Family Adventures Part 2

  1. Thanks for sharing Cate! I saw the gorillas too. Where are you headed? Are you coming to Seattle? How long will you be there? I live just north of Seattle. Please let me know, that would be so fun to see you. You look exactly like you did 20+ years ago. 🙂

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