Journal Excerpts

We drove 900 miles a day in order to get to Washington in time for Jamin’s eye appointment, so here are some excerpts from my journal of our last two days through Canada.

Jamin is past the point of delirium from staying awake as much as he has, but it sure makes for comedy central.  I have begun keeping a record of his quotes and sayings.  Maybe someday I’ll publish a dictionary of his phrases.   Here is an example:  “Cheese Shrapnel” This refers to the pieces of cheese that break off of slices.  “Rectal Sanctuary” refers to the area where the thermometer was inserted in the dog for her check-up.

Neil Young brings out his inner artist/musician.  He has performed what he has called the “Double Helix Java Dance” which involves holding a cup of coffee (with a lid) and moving his arms to the music being sure to incorporate his elbows.  “If you don’t move your elbows, it isn’t considered a ‘double helix’ it would only be a single.” He informs me.  Using his coffee cup as a microphone/kazoo, we are being serenaded this morning.

I took a shift in driving in Canada while Jamin sequestered himself inside the trailer we are pulling behind us.  He was hoping to catch up on some sleep since he has driven the majority of this trip.  We have no communication between us when he is in the trailer.  Since we are travelling through Canada, we have turned off our cell phones to keep roaming charges at bay.  My determined destination was William’s Lake and I didn’t want to stop ‘til we arrived.  I was sure Jamin was sleeping like a log since he was so wiped out, and I guess he did sleep well for about an hour but the jarring and bouncing of the trailer triggered his need to go to the bathroom and he couldn’t communicate that need to me.  Looking around inside the trailer, Jamin decided to get a Ziploc bag to “go” in.  He found it difficult to get to the ziplocs because of the way the trailer was loaded down, but he remembered that we had a gas can in the trailer that was empty.  Perfect!!  He made good use of that.   Then he laid down again, relaxed and waited for me to stop.  But I didn’t stop soon enough for his need to “go” again.  Back to the gas can.  When we finally arrived in William’s Lake I opened the trailer to see if he had slept well and learned that he had almost filled a two gallon gas can!

It’s beautiful out now.  It’s 60 degrees Farenheit and the sky is deep blue.  We have traveled into the agricultural portions of Canada.  Some time ago we left the rough wild look and feel of Canada and Alaska, and now we are looking at horses, foals, cows and calves.  The road seems wider with fields and pastures on either side.  There are rolls of harvested hay, and lakes filled with ducks.  I am warmed by the feeling of being in the rural areas…much like the way I grew up in Idaho.  Sometimes, like now, I miss those endless fields with grazing horses.  I want to get out of the car, jump the electric fences and run through the pastures.  I want to catch minnows in the ditches of water and find frogs in the ponds.

Ahhh…yes, something about the sun and the land fills my heart.

Good news to report that our dog Denali’s “issues” seemed to have cleared and we have not had any incidents that require soap and disinfectant…as for the rest of us who desperately need a shower….well, that’s another story.

4 thoughts on “Journal Excerpts

  1. its great to hear our stories!! Please do the dance for us that missed it, Jamin!

    I miss you already, just knowing I don’t get to see you again for years! Love you guys, Renee

    1. We are just travelling for a few months. We are hoping to be out of Alaska for three months or so. We will be swinging in to see you before too long!!

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