Morris Family Adventures Part 3

While I was in Idaho with the kiddos for a couple of weeks, Jamin took off on a Peruvian adventure with a team from Church on the Rock, Battleground, Washington to build a church in Contamana, Peru.  Here are some photos from their adventure!
They flew to Lima, then Pucalpa where they boarded a boat for the rest of the journey to Contamana.
The eight hour boat ride begins
Part of the work crew
Guido, our guide, with us on the Ucaylai River
Shoreline views on the river
The sun sets on our journey
The site where the new church will be built in Contamana
Preparing the rebar for the foundation
Pouring the concrete columns
Cooling down
columns are up!!
Church meeting on Sunday morning up the river in Shipibo Indian Village
Our dear friend, Pastor Bill Courtnay from Church on the Rock, Battleground, Washington was the guest speaker.
Dancing after the service
Some of the Peruvian Crew
After several days in Contamana, Jamin and his friend Chuck Skeek headed out on an adventure of their own to hike Machu Picchu.  Those photos will be in the next blog!
Photos are courtesy of Chuck Skeek who was also part of the work crew, our dear friend from Petersburg, Alaska. 

2 thoughts on “Morris Family Adventures Part 3

  1. Is that really a Morris dancing? I can’t believe it!!!! Looks like you had a great time while you were doing God’s business. Isn’t he good?

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