Disneyland at Last!!

It all started with a game of “I spy with my little eye”.  It was Melanie’s turn and she said to Jamin, “I spy with my little eye something……yellow!”  After much guessing and never coming up with the yellow item, Melanie finally gave the answer, “Dad’s teeth”.

It is because of this game that Jamin and I are having a conversation that sounds like this:  “So, Jamin,  we need to get to a grocery store today and get some lunch supplies,” I say.

Jamin:  “Yeshh, we will get to one of thoshhe places thish morning.”  He replies with his teeth wrapped in Crest White Strips waiting the prescribed 15 minutes before removing them.

It has been exactly two months since we left our home in Anchorage.  We are sitting in the shared parking lot of a college and a large hotel.  We pulled off the road sometime last night to sleep, but can’t remember which road we exited on.  We were all so exhausted.  Pulling into the parking lot, we find others who are making this their rest stop for the evening.  The man in the Camaro in front of us simply put up his sun shade across his windshield and called it a night.  There is a family in a bus parked at the back of this parking lot and they look like they are winding up the evening and settling in.  A tractor trailer is pulled up on the grass and looks as though it has been dormant for a few hours already. We pull up parallel with another suburban pulling a much larger trailer that is already “asleep”.

Our kids have already fallen asleep in the car, but we park the car, prepare the trailer and move three of the kids to the trailer with Jamin and I and the other child sleep in the vehicle in our sleeping bags.

I forgot to use the bathroom at a public facility last stop, so now I must master a new method for peeing.  I find that that the handi-wipe container has a wide opening and so I decide to empty that container and place its contents in a Ziploc so that I can have use of the container for this emergency.

Thank God for all of the “rehearsals” at the doctor’s office when I had to give “samples” with every pregnancy check-up.  Success!!  “Too much information” you say?  Well, it’s all new to me and I thought it would be useful to remember in the days to come.

We are twenty miles from Disneyland now.  We have visited many friends and family along our route.  We have visited some National parks, and tourist sites.  We have slept in hotels, rest stops, parking lots, and campsites.  We have need of a shower and a washing machine, but will have use of those later today when we check into the hotel for our six night stay here in Anaheim.

The kids are looking forward to cable tv at the hotel, a swimming pool and of course Disneyland tomorrow.  Jamin, interestingly enough, is looking forward to being in one place long enough to finish filing our 2009 taxes.  I guess taxes will be my assignment too for a few hours as we try to bang it all out today .  I am looking forward to laundry and getting the kids caught up on some of their school work so we can all enjoy the week off. 

Today we regroup, catch up on hygiene issues, use a real toilet, and prepare for a fun week at Disneyland!!!!

4 thoughts on “Disneyland at Last!!

  1. GASP! I’m so jealous {about Disneyland that is}. You guys will have a blast … and I’m looking forward to living vicariously as well!

    Oh, and good luck with the Crest White Strips. I hate those things …

  2. I love this Cate! And of course it’s not too much info. You can always use info like this when you are a world traveller. (of course this is coming from the guy who gave a blow by blow description of his hemmeroidectymy on facebook, complete with follow up check ups). lol

    We miss you here in Alaska. Looking forward to when you return home. Until then, have an amazing time.


  3. Love this post Cate…so real and so fun…just like you! Have a wonderful week and enjoy those real toilets. I will think of you each time I use one this week!;o)

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