Morris Family Adventures Part 4

We’ve cuddled mice and chipmunks, hugged dogs and bandicoots, posed with princesses and kissed sponges.  This Southern California adventure is coming to a close, but not before it has conditioned me to be suspicious of every day sights and sounds.

We ate dinner tonight at the Macaroni Grill.  As we sat at the table with our cousins and aunt and uncle, I noticed that the light above the Hostess table was flickering.  Immediately I anticipated the need to buckle a seat belt in the event that our dinner table would turn into a rollercoaster that would be launched by a magnet directly out the door.  While I watched the walls suspiciously for rats and cockroaches to appear, I realized my plight….I have been on sensory overload! It’s time for a day of unplugging.

We purchased Southern California passes which gave us three days at Disneyland and California Adventure, a day at Universal Studios, a day at Sea World and a day at the San Diego Zoo.  The only catch being that we have to complete our adventures in 14 days.  So, we set out to explore Disneyland and ride every ride and after two days we switched gears to Univeral Studios.  By day four there were melt downs…but surprisingly not by the children, but by us, the parents.  So we took day four to rest, do laundry, enjoy the hotel pool and catch up on sleep, paperwork and business.  Then back to Disneyland for our last day there, then we spent the following day unplugged enjoying the beach and coast and visiting with a friend of mine and her family.  It felt so good to play in the sand, explore the tide pools, and reconnect with someone I had not seen in 19 years.

My friend Heidi Viselmeyer Afusia and her three kids with us at the beach.

We left that night for San Diego.  We have been here for almost a week now and have enjoyed the San Diego Zoo, a trip to Lego land and a visit with a friend that used to live in Homer, Alaska who now resides here.  The highlight of this visit for me was getting to meet my second cousin Mike Hardin who is the owner of famous local diner called Hodad’s.  I contacted him before we arrived to tell him we were in town and would love to meet him.  We were welcomed to his restaurant with open arms where we met him and his son Shane.  We dined on burgers the size of my face, onion rings, fries and a malt that contained at least a quart of ice cream.

Mike Hardin, me and Shane Hardin his son.

  Mike sat with us and chatted, his son Shane waited on us and when our meal was over we were informed that it was “on the house”.  “After all”, Mike said, “we are family!”  We haven’t stopped talking about Hodad’s.

panda at the San Diego Zoo

We have one last day to finish here in San Diego….that would be Sea World.  But not before unplugging again, washing our laundry, and repacking for the next phase of our adventure which will be………….

… be continued…….

One thought on “Morris Family Adventures Part 4

  1. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time! So nice of you to take us with you … especially those of us who are currently FREEZING! I know, you’re from Alaska, I shouldn’t complain. Anyhoozle, how fun to get to catch up with Heidi!

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