Set it Into Motion

Take a few minutes to watch this video above before you read this blog.

Over the last seven years, I have been on a journey to love God with all of my mind.  I have grown up loving God with all of my heart, and soul.  Through music and art, through worship and prayer I have encountered the depths of God.  Now, here in my mid-life years, God has drawn my interest to reason, physics, philosophy, apologetics and the elements that prove God reasonable, plausable, imminent, and present.  I have homeschooled my kids for many years which has also contributed to my appetite for learning once again, and so it was as I stumbled upon a video about quantum physics that I began to awe and wonder at the presence of God in the very nature and movement of elements in the sub-atomic world.  (Don’t worry, I’m not too smart about that subject yet.)

I am not a scientist, and I have much to learn, but I am a communicator and I want to understand how to communicate what I have learned as it relates to my life and walk with God.  Many of you have read my musings in the “Deep Thoughts” category of my blogs.  So here I am again, contemplating what I have learned and discovering its application

I have often thought of life as a set of points on a line that travels into eternity.  The line would begin with my birth, and then as I grew, memorable events would be plotted on the line as a dot.  For instance, the first time I sang a solo as a four-year old girl in front of people was memorable.  Other major points would be when I got my driver’s license, my first date, my wedding, and the births of my four children.  The dots continue from there.

What I am learning though, as I study God’s word and explore fields of physics, is that every decision that I make is not just a dot on a line of eternity, but is a moment where something is set into motion.

Think about Adam and Eve for instance.  In the garden their lives were intertwined with the life of God.  They communed together and enjoyed one another’s company.  The day came when they made a decision to figure out life on their own.  They chose to master their own ideas of what good and evil were and they ate from a forbidden tree.  From that moment, sin was set into motion.  Now it wasn’t just Adam and Eve’s lives affected, but like the pendulum’s in the video above, their action caused action and relationship between the rest of mankind as well as nature itself.  The Bible states that “Sin entered the world through one man, Adam, (Romans 5:12) and was later conquered and paid for by one man, Jesus Christ who changed the pattern  through grace and mercy.

Trace the stories throughout the Bible and find moments of decision and you will find the consequences still playing out in our modern day history.  Some consequences have been blessings, like Rahab’s faith in God, that changed her from a prostitute into an ancestor of Jesus Himself.  Other decisions, like disobedience, caused the nation of Israel years of exile, attack, and punishment.  Every point of decision was setting something into motion.

I ask myself this:  “What am I setting into motion?”

Notice, in the above video, that there are times that the pendulum’s seem to swing independent of one another as if they have their own pattern and plan, only to then rejoin a choreographed “dance” so to speak with the others beside it.  Somehow, and again this is in the sub-atomic realm, every pendulum is in relation to one another and acts accordingly.  My life is no different.  My neighbors, my family, my circle of relationships are affected by my decisions and behavior.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I cause the behavior of others by my actions because we are all accountable before God for our own decisions, but I am saying that the way I act, react, and respond to the people around me either sets up a dance of blessing or cursing.  And if I persist in my behavior patterns, either positive or negative, the effects will still be felt long after I have passed away.

When my children or children’s children sit and talk about their mom, grandma, great-grandma, etc… they will have many stories to choose from.  Maybe because I will leave them in blogs, but more likely because they will be passed on from others who knew me “back in the day”.  My children will carry on my legacy.  They will pass on my strengths and my weaknesses.  My grandchildren will “dance” to whatever I put into motion in my lifetime.

I still have so much to learn.  My mind can’t take it in fast enough, but what my mind cannot comprehend, my heart seems to already know.  Every decision has a consequence.  Every action stirs a reaction.  Every life sets something into motion.  I have choices.  I want to set Grace and Truth into action in my life and in my lifetime.

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