And We Danced

Winter brings its hush with new falling snow, and life slows down for just a little while. My baby girl was sick with flu for a couple of days and so we were home-bound.
I relished the moments of holding my little girl even as she cried with pain in her stomach and a fever that left her feeling weak. She still fits in my arms and I can still carry her….for just a little bit longer.
Last night, my sons spent the night with a friend, and it was just we girls in the house plus Jamin. Jamin found much to do with receipts and business last night, so we girls put on a chick flick and when it was over, we donned our most beautiful dresses, put on some Yanni, and danced.
Jamin couldn’t stay seated long. We broke in and pulled him into our fairy tale ball and we danced and danced and danced.
My oldest daughter is as tall as I am now, wearing my size in clothing. I can’t hold her in my arms any more the way I can my youngest. I can’t carry her either, so I slipped my arms around her waist and we danced and danced as if we knew what we were doing.
They are beautiful ladies growing up right here under our roof. They are learning that life isn’t fair or easy. So while they are ours, no matter what life brings our way, we will learn to hold each other, to pray, to love one another, and to put on our best dresses and dance.

2 thoughts on “And We Danced

  1. Cate- I just love you sister, and love how Jesus uses your tender and open heart. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of the beauty of the moments He gives me with my kids before they are grown. We’ll be dancing this week!

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