Chuck Skeek

A few weeks from now, my album “Red Sky” will be completed and available for sale as a cd and digital download.  While this album is a collection of songs I have written over the past few years as well as a bonus song from my dear friend Paul Wainamo, the album just  isn’t complete without art.

Because many of you will digitally download the music from iTunes, or Amazon, I want to take a few moments in this blog to highlight the photography of my friend Chuck Skeek whose pictures became the artwork for the cd cover.

Chuck Skeek is a friend of our family whom my husband met  herring fishing in Sitka, Alaska several years ago.  Chuck comes from a family of commercial fishing and spends his summers doing the same, but when the fishing season is over, Chuck packs up his cameras and lenses and spends his days travelling the world photographing what he sees.

My husband, Jamin, and Chuck travelled to Peru together last year to help build a church in a jungle village, and after that climbed Machu Pichu.  Some of my favorite photos are found in that collection of pictures and hang on our wall here in Alaska.

Speaking of Alaska, the photographs used for my album are pictures from Alaska.  When I saw these photos, I just felt they helped express what I wanted to say in the songs.

I love Chuck’s photography.  Something about his perspectives always make me want to pack my bags and go where he has been and see what he has photographed.  He has an ability to almost make me “feel” the photo, and there is always an element of peacefulness about them.

Beyond his talents, Chuck is a dear friend whose sense of humor and laid back style make him a delight to be around.  I love his sense of adventure and his generous spirit.

So without further ado, here are some of his photos that are my favorites!

If you are interested in any of his photographs, you can email him at

Red Sky
High Tide

Machu Pichu
Cuzco, Peru
River boat ride to Cantamana, Peru from Picalpa

Children in the Philippines

3 thoughts on “Chuck Skeek

  1. Cate,
    I LOVE the picture of the green hills and a road that you posted. Don’t know whether it is Peru, Phillipines or elsewhere but the picture drew me into peace. My Father does indeed make me rest in green pastures. Thanks my friend for sharing the photos and I can’t wait to hear your new album!

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