The Moments That Matter

“When I surrender to the reality that what I get here on earth is moments– moments of understanding in the midst of craziness and suffering; moments of community in the midst of loneliness and isolation; moments of forgiveness in the midst of shame and struggle; and moments of hope in the midst of hard (sometimes mundane) work–then I can rest.” (Sharon A. Hersh MA, LPC  from her bookThe Last Addiction”)

I am learning that life does not wait for your perfect plan, your pay raise, your successful diet, your New Year’s Resolution, or your cure.  Life ticks away as moments…little gifts wrapped in a thousand ways.  Memories are made in moments–not the moments you are planning for or talk about in the futuristic sense; but the moments you just lived while you were dreaming of another life.

While you are putting off getting family photos until you lose that 15 pounds, your children are growing up, or maybe moving out and starting their own families.  That perfect job that somehow alludes you also potentially blinds you to the grace-filled life you currently possess.  That house that you never wanted but are stuck with is creating hundreds of memories your children will carry on into their adult-hood.  Every moment is accounting for something.

We don’t always get our perfect world with ideal circumstances linked together in a row.  We get moments.  We get opportunities to be thankful; choices to be joyful; open doors to give and receive forgiveness; and one life to live it in.  We have “this moment” with an ever-present God.  Don’t forget to celebrate “this moment” while you are dreaming of your future.   The moments that matter most are the ones you are “present” in.  Make more of your moments “presents”.

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