If Jesus Had not Been Born…in Me

If Jesus Had Not Been Born in Me

By Cate Morris  (c) November 2012


Forged entirely by my pain,

All things loss, and nothing gained,

Grasping in a world insane,

That’s where I would be.


Becoming foolish as I grew,

Spurning grace I saw in You.

Painting life  in colors cruel

If my life was left to me.


Scripting through a guilty rage,

Living life on Anger’s stage,

Unforgiving, living caged,

Excused hypocrisy.


Spewing bitter’s venom still,

Forcing “my way”, exalting My will.

Choosing to take the fatal pill

My would-be destiny.


But my life is not my design.

I was fashioned in the mind

Of One who always takes His time

But still is never late.


Who forms my beauty from the ash,

Exchanges value for my trash,

And never tires of the task

Of making something great.


He whisked me off of Anger’s stage,

Forgiving, breaking every cage.

His Mercy re-wrote every page

Of my new-born life.


“Little Baby in the hay

Did you know that You someday

Would rescue me with blood-red pay?

You’d heal me with Your stripes?


You would own my guilty soul,

Pay it’s debts to see me whole,

While never leaving the Father’s role,

You’d give me heaven’s worth?”


I see You in Nativity

But more,  I see You born in me!

And my heart will forever be

Rejoicing for your birth.


O Come Let us adore Him…Christ the Lord!

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