Words of Love

Words, Words, Words. What makes them meaningful?

The Musings of Cate Morris

As a songwriter and speaker I am always listening for phrases, thoughts, and expressions that give words a new setting and deepen their meanings. There are so many phrases and expressions to choose from. Some are powerful, others are empty. Words create pictures. Words create feelings.  It is in the expression of those words where the meaning is felt, and the character of the author of those words that conveys their significance.

I read about an exchange between a philosopher and a student where the student stated to the teacher, rather emphatically, “Life is meaningless.” The teacher graciously responded, “I don’t think you believe that.” The student then rather defensively exclaimed, “Yes, I do! Life is meaningless!” Again, the teacher responded, “You don’t really believe that.” Angry and more frustrated the student insisted “I do believe it!! Life is meaningless!”

The irony is in the logic of the argument. In…

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