The Morality of God

Where did morals come from?

The Musings of Cate Morris

Using the finite capabilities of my mom mind, I endeavor to find word pictures and illustrations to help me to explain truths that I learn about God and His character.  Many illustrations I find are written in the examples of my children and my relationship with them, so if you would excuse the simplicity of these illustrations I want to tackle a weighty subject.

I have heard it said of God that He is an “immoral” character.  By this the person means that God sets up rules for us to follow that He Himself does not abide by.  Rules such as “Thou Shalt Not Kill, God spoke to the Children of Israel through Moses and subsequently to us who follow His teaching,  yet appears to be disregarded by God Himself when you see atrocities in life and horrendous accidents that wipe away the lives of innocent people that only He…

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