A sign from my kitchenMy previous blog was about how to be a good house-guest when visiting in another’s home based on what I have learned as both a guest and a host.  I thought I would then dedicate this blog to Hosting, and what kinds of things make a guest feel at home.  These are not comprehensive for sure, and I hope that many of you who have the gifts of hospitality can add to this list.

So in no particular order, here are things I have gleaned along the road of both being a guest and a hostess:

1. Provide adequate bedding.

This will mean different things in every part of the world, but if you are able, stock these basics:  pillows, pillowcases, blankets, sheets, foam pads, or camping mats, and sleeping bags are optional.

If you read my blog “A Spot of Tea” from 2010, you will see that often we have guests that sleep on the floor or the couches depending on the situation, as well as those who use our beds.  Sometimes family, or in our case, fishermen passing through just need a place to crash, and won’t use your bed if you offer one.  Often kids enjoy sleeping on the floors in sleeping bags if they feel like it could be a slumber party.

2.  Provide basic toiletries and have extras for emergencies.

Things like towels, washcloths, soaps, and shampoos are good to offer your guests, even if they travel with their own particular brands.  Put them somewhere obvious so that they know they are the ones offered.  ( Towels on their bed, or folded in the bathroom, and toiletries in their room or bathroom)  Other optional things to keep stocked are:  disposable razors, deodorant, toothpaste, and feminine products.  Some of these things are only needed in emergencies, or until your guests can get to the nearest store.

3.  Provide coffee and/or tea

These beverages are usually a welcomed addition to morning or late afternoons.  Your guest may prefer to get their coffee elsewhere, and that is fine, but having it on hand is always nice.  With that, if you are able, provide some alternate sweeteners and cream or milk.

4.  Provide water for your guests.

Depending on where you live, you will either assure them they can drink from the tap, or you will need to stock water bottles, or containers of bottled water.  Leaving water bottles in their room, or cups near their sink that they can use can be a real blessing.  Especially if your guests arrive late at night and haven’t yet been oriented to the house and where to find everything.

5.  Optional extras that I have either been on the receiving end of, or the giving end are:

earplugs, maps of the area, visitor guides, tide tables, use of the washing machine and dryer, passwords for internet use.

Tell me what other things you would add to this list?

2 thoughts on “Hosting

  1. if people are not from Alaska, we get Alaska coffee mugs, some Alaska Tea and Alaska Tundra/or Outhouse Coffee and Alaska chocolates to put on their pillows!

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