Three Dangerous Words

The Musings of Cate Morris

I know we get tired and we want to give up.  I know that pain gets “old” and like rocks in our shoes rubs, cuts, and callouses.  No one wants to hurt.  No one wants to experience pain.  The truth is that all of our lives are bent towards pain.  It hurts to stay stuck and it hurts to grow.  Our choices then rest in which pain we will choose.

I blogged on this subject some before in my article “When It’s Too Much” where I talked about our ability to feel and experience and feel pain is in direct proportion to our ability to give and receive love.  Somehow this paradox opens us, enlarges us, and gives us a greater capacity to embrace one another and embrace the God who made us.  True also is the fatigue and overwhelming feeling of pain that we cannot control.  Tragedies…

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