Stalled Out

To my children as you grow:

Sometimes when you feel your life has stalled out it is because there are decisions you need to make, but haven’t.  Often they are already in your heart and mind, but you have not drawn your conclusions. The mental energy expended just mulling the ideas over and over in your head will wear you thin and burn you out.  If you become stuck in the fantasy that you can “have it all”, you will never learn how to hold on to what is valuable, and let other “good things” go.

The trouble often is that when you delay decision-making, you are tempted to blame everyone else and everything else on your frustration.  You will find ways to make it someone’s fault and even pass the blame to God if you feel confused.  “If I just had more money, position, time, resources…etc…” , or “God just doesn’t want me to succeed.”

The solutionGet off of the Ferris wheel of blaming and instead, prayerfully, (and with your convictions and God’s standards) make your decisions. No one else is going to make them for you.

Once you have made your decisions, begin working a plan.  Try out your ideas.  Set something into motion.  Re-discover the joy of venturing into something you haven’t tried before.

Your decision to say “no” to something, opens up more “yes” possibilities.  Your decision to say “yes” to something will narrow your choices, giving you a more stream-lined set of options, and set your direction.  When you say “no” to something, it invariably requires you to say “yes” to something else and vice versa.

You don’t need a buffet of options, in life, you need to commit to one option at a time and build your future.  Trying to leave your options all “open” causes you to become double-minded and unstable.  (Even a fisherman has to close up the net in order to bring in his catch.) Make choices, stick with them, work them through, and discover the joy of putting one foot in front of the other.

No one lives in limbo

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