Receiving the Promise

The Musings of Cate Morris

David was anointed to be the King of Israel when he was a young boy.  The promise of his destiny and his reign was etched into his life from his youth and carried for years of disappointment, frustration, and confusion.

I wonder how David must have felt when the prophet Samuel came to the house of Jessie looking for a man to anoint as king.  By-passing all of David’s older brothers, Samuel was instructed by the Lord to anoint David, the youngest, the shepherd to be the king even as Saul, the current King of Israel was still reigning.  I am sure it didn’t make sense to David to be chosen, but it was probably also very exciting to think that this Promise of Destiny would be his.

If David was anything like me, he probably daydreamed about his days as King.  He probably imagined the pomp and fanfare he…

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