Oh How I Want to Take You to Mercy!

It seems to me in this day and age that even if your sins and mine were thrown into the Sea of Forgetfulness, CNN and Fox News would find a way to fish them out, Facebook and Twitter would gladly display them, and even our dearest friends would “unfriend” us on social media…until their sin was posted…

And the circle continues.  My sin compared to yours.  Your sin compared to mine.  It’s the social game of “lifeboat”.  Who deserves a trouble-free existence?  Who deserves to exist?

I believe there is a difference between justice and revenge.  I also believe that only God knows the difference.  Our anger-filled, sin-tainted perspectives seem to make us trigger happy when our guns are pointed at someone else.  What happens when the guns of judgement are pointed at me?  I’ll tell you.  I want  a Savior.  I want mercy.  I want someone to see through my clouded judgment and find something in me worth redeeming. I want grace.  I want a second chance.

It was the evangelist Rhinehard Bonnke who, when telling the story of the woman caught in adultery said (and I paraphrase), When the woman’s accusers saw Jesus writing in the sand, they each dropped their stones and went away.  The problem was they were going the wrong direction.  They should have dropped their stones and joined the woman at the feet of Jesus receiving mercy.”2004-01-04 13.36.28

Have you and I forgotten what we have been forgiven of?  Have we come so far in our righteousness that we see with the eyes of God?  Are we exacting from others the payment of debts at a rate that we ourselves are not capable of paying?

By all means, hold someone accountable, but as often as possible, hold someone’s hand and bring them to Mercy.  Jesus still knows how to change a broken life.  I know, because He’s still changing mine.

1 John 1:9

9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

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