A Note to Self from Psalm 103



Praise the Lord with everything in you. Let every part of your heart and emotions, will, and strength bless the Lord. Allow yourself the permission to praise God in that way, and when you don’t feel like it, I want you to tell your soul to do it anyways.

Praise Him for the things He has done in you. Do you remember how he brought you out of bitterness and a home of anger and hopelessness? Do you remember how He carried you through the roughest of days, and provided help and healing to you when you needed it most? Do you recall how He has assured you that He heard your every cry? Do you remember how He comforted you?

He forgives your sins, Cate–even those secret ones—those sins in your mind that you have given so much attention to over the years—those secrets. You confessed them and God forgave you. Not only that, He gave you victory over them, and a way to walk out of them.

He continues to heal your body, and cause you to have health that invigorates your life.

You could have lived in the pit of despair. You could have stayed on the road to bitterness and destruction, but God redeemed you and brought you out of that. He even gave you crowns to wear. Those crowns are  things people can see—love and compassion. People look at you and know that you are loved and have received much compassion.

There are many appetites you have had over the years, and things you thought you wanted or needed. God has satisfied your life with good things. Some things you thought you needed, He did not give you, in order that you might have the things that truly satisfy. He gives you things that enrich your life and give you hope and energy to face the day as if you were young again–soaring like an eagle.

The Lord always does what is right. He will bring about justice to all who are oppressed, even if right now you cannot see their relief. (Remember, He is eternal, and His plans do not end with the cessation of your life or the lives of others. He will do the right thing always, and His ways are just.)

Moses knew God’s ways because Moses invested his life in God’s promises. The people of Israel were able to see His mighty acts, and how He answers the prayers of a righteous man, and how He fulfills His promises.

Cate, God is compassionate. He isn’t quickly aroused to anger, as though He has no fuse or patience with us. He is overflowing in love. He is the source of love, and there is still plenty to go around. Those who know Him know this well.

He doesn’t keep a record against us forever, nor stew and fume in anger forever. (He always gives you a chance to repent, to turn from your evil.) Even though your sin is deserving of much more punishment and consequences, He gives you grace, and you do not get all that you deserve.

You can’t measure the distance of the heavens above the earth, and yet that is just how is love is quantified—without measure.

He is able to remove your sin so far away from you that you can’t find it. Just as you cannot find where east ends and west begins if you travel either direction.

Watch a good father interact with his kids. He has such compassion on them. His children don’t know it all yet, and they will make many mistakes. This is how God treats us. He knows how He made us and what we know and what we have yet to learn.

Our lives are fragile and short–like the grass that seems to have a quick growing season, and then dies off. We look beautiful like flowers in bloom, but then our time is up, and we are gone. The wind reaps the blossoms, dries the stems, and makes the field barren.

But God is not temporary like we are. From everlasting to everlasting His love stays with us. His unfailing ability to always do the right thing continues in the lives of our children, and our children’s children. All those who honor God and submit their lives to Him get this inheritance—forever.

God is firmly established on His throne in Heaven. No one can remove Him, and no one can usurp His rule. From His throne He rules over all things. Forever.

I don’t know the angels. I haven’t met those beings that surround God’s throne, but I know that they were created for God. So, sing to God all His angels! Every creature or being created by God for His purposes—sing! Praise the Lord!

Every nation He has created. Every church, and family that honors His name. Every man, woman and child who knows who their Creator—Sing! Praise the Lord!! Give Him the honor that is due Him.

Don’t forget these things, Cate. You will need to keep all of these things in mind throughout your lifetime. Always Praise the Lord. (It’s good for your soul)

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