A Letter to My Budding Artist

2004-01-04 13.31.47Dear One,

You are making a beautiful self portrait from little colorful pieces of paper and cardboard. It is a mosaic, that requires you to step back and take a look at it before the whole picture comes to together. In response to your question, “How is life like a mosaic?” I would like to offer these thoughts:

Life is like a mosaic, with many colorful pieces.  Not every piece as it is being added makes sense. When we are living the experiences, we are only able to see individual pieces like the ones you used in your mosaic. Sometimes we like what we see, and other times we wonder if something else would have been a better choice.

Here is something interesting though to consider:

When you were making your mosaic, you were choosing the pieces. You had an idea what the outcome should look like, so you chose pieces that would give you that desired outcome. You, the creator and designer, have opportunities before the picture is finished, to re-arrange some pieces, remove some pieces, replace some pieces, or alter the picture until it is just right. You have something in mind–a purpose that causes you to have creative control over what you are making.

If your picture had emotions, thought and a voice, it might ask you along the way “Why did you choose that piece? I don’t like that color.” or “Ouch! That one was glued. why did you remove it?” You see, the picture is the thing in process. It cannot see the end result ahead of time. It can’t objectively decide what pieces it needs and what pieces it doesn’t need because it is incomplete.

Art doesn’t make itself. Art is made by a creator and designer who has an end goal in mind of a masterpiece.

Our lives our designed and crafted by God, who has limitless creativity, and unlimited resources. Added to that, He loves and cares for the things He has made. He works with us, and for us–allowing us to see the beautiful pieces and be a part of the choosing of the colors. But there are those dark pieces–that add the shading, the contrast, the deep lines that draw the boundaries for the beautiful and cause the colors to “pop”. These are the ones we don’t always understand at first when they are added, but become important for the picture to take shape. These are the ones we question. Our inability to see the whole picture can sometimes cause us to doubt the Artist.

So remember this:

The Designer of our lives is not distant or unconcerned with our needs. In fact He is so vested in our outcome that He staked His own life for ours. He made a promise that reads: “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” Philippians 1:6 (And many many other promises that He is keeping.)

So like your picture, you and I are the product of a Designer and Artist. One who takes great pride in His work, and great care for His art. One day we will see the finished product and marvel at His expertise, but for now, we trust.

If He can cause the sun to rise every morning, and the planets to orbit in their places, the seasons to change and produce new life, then He is trustworthy and able to make something beautiful out of us! And already, I get to see His beauty in you!



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