A Man You Would Write About

I was in high school when the Contemporary Christian group “4 Him” came out with an album called “Face the Nation”, and my local radio station played many of their songs. It quickly became a favorite album, but one song in particular arrested my attention.

The writer of that song, Billy Simon, would later become a songwriting mentor to me as I would record my first album “From Here” in 2007, and that connection to him was made because of this song and the impact it had on me. That might be a blog for later, but for now I want to tell you about this song that still shapes my heart and sharpens my focus.

The song is called “A Man You Would Write About”. The lyrics talked about how all through the ages of time, God would choose men to lead His people, to hear His voice and to speak what they heard God speak. The idea was presented in the song that “if the Bible had no closing page, and still was being written to this day, I want to be a man you would write about–a thousand years from now they could read about your servant of choice, in whom you found favor, a man who heard your voice.”

I realized the song was sung by four men, written by a man, and highlighted men from scripture in its lyrics, but I also recognized that I could be included in this song as a woman. It wasn’t a gender-specific lyric, but it was a personal one, and I easily made it the anthem of my life.

Someone who found God’s favor, who heard His voice, and who became an echo of those words–that was something I could be. My gender, my age, my hometown, my family situation, my education were not obstacles or deterrents to my ability to know God and hear Him. In fact, probably all of those factors became part of the drive of my heart to know God better, to do those things that please Him, and to say the things He says.

I want to be a friend of God.

It’s not so much that I want to be remembered in books. That song certainly inspires me to want to live that way, but the desire to have God say, “She’s with me,” is one of the greatest honors of living. To be a friend of God, to be someone He trusts–wow!

I’ll write about His goodness. I’ll write about His faithfulness. I will declare His greatness with every breath I have left. In Jesus, God became the “Man I would write about.” And through His Spirit I might one day be.

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