Here is a place for you to write your thoughts and comments.  I would love to hear if God has ministered to you through my blogs or music.  Tell me your stories.

8 thoughts on “Comments

  1. The words on your blog are a constant encouragement! They make me laugh one minute, cry the next. And I come away longing to be closer to our Lord … to walk more faithfully … pray more earnestly … and live the life God has envisioned for me. Thank you for your faithfulness, my friend!

  2. Cate, You have always been an encouragement to me. Your words on your blog have ministered to my heart and to my family. I listen to your music constantly in the car (and as a mom, you know how much time we spend there!!) and it always lifts me up and blesses me. You spur me on in my own walk with the Lord, may God bless you. Miss you sweet friend!!

  3. As past Women’s Ministry Coordinator for Abbott Loop Community Church in Anchorage, AK and the individual in charge of the 2008 & 2009 Annual Girlfriend’s Christmas Tea, I was blessed to have Cate come minister to our gals – not only through her music but through the gifted way she has of sharing her heart. She has been a wonderful encourager to my musician husband, and a dear friend to both of us (not to mention she is gracious, gorgeous and a quick wit!). Love you, girlie!

  4. As a founding director or Oikeo Music Inc., Front Yard Worship Magazine, President of Paul Wainamo Music and Northern Waters Publishing, and Worship Pastor of King’s Way Ministry Center in Alaska, I have had many opportunities to work with Cate.

    Cate’s heart to touch the lives of people through her music and ministry is evident in everything she does. She has a way of saying things that go deep into the hearts of the listener and impact them in ways that facilitate change in their lives.

    Cate is sensitive to the needs of the body that she ministers to. Her heart is to serve and she does so with excellence.

    I can recommend her highly and without reservation. Cate will be a blessing in whatever capacity you wish her to serve.

    Paul Wainamo
    Worship Pastor
    King’s Way Ministry Center

    King’s Way Music Alaska

    Oikeo Music Inc.

    Paul Wainamo Music/Northern Waters Publishing

  5. i don’t remember how i found this, maybe a wall post on facebook -anyhow, after leafing through your “Morris Family Adventures” i buried myself in your blog for an hour or so. to put it simply, i hope you know that your writing makes people happy.

  6. I just read your article about Life not being fair. Do you remember when you were 4 and we were at Sharon Yaeger’s house? Sharon had been upset about something earlier that day and had told Meavanie, “Life just isn’t fair.” You came into the living room and told us Meavanie had locked you out of her room and she was playing with all her toys by herself. Sharon addressed the situation immediately and 4-year-old Meavinie said, “Mamma I told her that life isn’t fair.”
    You started learning that early in life:)

    Yo mama

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