Red Sky

In just a couple of weeks, my album “Red Sky” will finally be finished.  It has been a journey for me that has traversed the past four years since the release of my first album “From Here“.  In those four years I have written more songs about what God is teaching me.  Some songs I wrote with my children in mind–hoping to leave them with some of the lessons I have learned.  While this album will be six songs instead of 10, I am excited to finally have it complete and add it to my music journey.

Have you ever started out to do something with great ambition and high expectation only to be caught up in a crisis or trouble that you just didn’t see coming?  I sure have.  Even as I am writing this blog, I am mopping up the remains of a storm that beat at my heart just this year.  If you are familiar with the phrase:  “Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.  Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.” then you know that the saying refers to the warnings that the sky gives to the sailor about storms coming.  If the morning dawns red, the sailor knows a storm is on its way and he needs to take cover.  If as the day concludes and the sun sets red, the sailor knows that there will be peace.

Red Sky

This album is a collection of lessons I have learned over the years after facing various storms and crisis.  The song “Red Sky” describes the storm and the fear that wants to take hold in the midst of trouble and pain.  It’s a prayer for help and it’s a promise of comfort. I hope that the words of the songs work in cooperation with what the Holy Spirit would like to say to you and sing over you in your storm.  I pray that you will find that even in a storm, Jesus will be that “Red Sky”.

Better Than Life” was a song I wrote after studying the idea “Can man live without God?”  My conclusion is that there is no way to live without him that has meaning, purpose, destiny, or direction.  Somehow contained within the love of God was the justice that paid for my sin, the grace to see me through my tomorrows, the healing to mend my heart, and the truth to expel all of the lies.  Yes, I find that His love is better than life!

Forgiveness” is another song from the album.  I wrote this song to express another life lesson I have been learning.  It’s based on the idea that “Forgiveness is setting the prisoner free and finding out that the prisoner was me.”  It’s one of the hardest lessons to learn, but one of the most freeing experiences to embrace.  When I finally cancel the debts of others and allow God to meet my needs, I experience the joy of forgiving.

Out of the many broken places in my life, God continues to bring redemption.  He takes my messed up places and pieces and makes something beautiful out of them.  It is this among many other things that cause me to fall deeper and deeper in love with Him, and out of my heart came the song “I Love That About You“.  This song is a love song about the beauty of the Lord that I see as He interacts with my life and the lives of others around me.

My friend Paul Wainamo also wrote a song a few years ago dealing with the way God redeems our lives and makes sense of all of our confusions and imbalances.  I loved the song from the first time I heard it and I asked him if I could record that song on this album.  “Only You Can Make Sense” is a song that describes my life as an artist/songwriter and the way God writes my story and my “song”.  Paul just recently placed in the “Top 5” in a songwriter’s competition with this song for Worship Northwest/Hope 107.9 and will be recording this song as well!!! Congratulations Paul!!!

Finally, my most intimate song that I included on this album is a song called “Solace“.  This song is an invitation to you to listen in on my quiet time with the Lord and hear what I hear.  I have found that the peace and hope to be found is in the presence of my Creator God.  He is the only one who sings my hope.  I hope you can hear Him singing over you as you sit in His presence.

I can’t wait for you to hear it.  Stay tuned…….